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Who is Legacy Digital Organs?

Legacy Organs is a small company dedicated to providing the best possible digital organs. We don't have a big factory or production line, but we have a mission and the desire to hand-build the absolute best digital organ you've ever heard or experienced.

Should I buy a Legacy instead of a real pipe organ?

No – if you have the budget and the physical space for a real pipe organ, you should definitely buy one. Legacy wants to supply instruments to those who realize the shortcomings of the current digital organs on the market but don't have the budget or physical space for pipes. We offer the closest thing to a real pipe organ experience on the market.

How long will it take to build my new Legacy organ?

Now available in the continental US, 5 months from purchase contract to delivery. Installation and voicing are included in the price.

Are your prices competitive?

Given the opportunity, we will compete with any other digital instrument on the market. Final pricing is based on the audio configuration required for your church or hall. Each instrument is built specifically for the acoustic conditions in its new setting and the final speaker, amplification, and installation reflect that fact.

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