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Hear the Difference

Built for musicians who know the difference. Legacy Digital Organs delivers an audio performance that is only equaled by the real thing.  Using digitally sampled pipe organ voices from some of the greatest pipe organs ever built, we guarantee you've never heard more realistically reproduced pipe organ voices anywhere. 


Coupled with the most technologically advanced speakers on the market and expert placement in your sanctuary, Legacy Organs delivers an unsurpassed worship experience that will lift your congregation and keep them singing.

Legacy I

A three-manual, draw knob console with up to 60 stops.  This instrument will support a large room and up to 750 congregants.


Choose your base stop list and voicing style and then add on any extras and accessories you desire.  You can also choose from several console cabinet styles and wood species.  All of our consoles are built to "pipe organ" standards and will last for generations.


Legacy II

A three-manual, draw knob console with up to 45 stops.  This instrument will support a medium room and up to 500 congregants.


We will custom design the audio package to get the most out of your acoustic environment.  Physical and directional placement of the speakers is critical in achieving the best performance possible.

Legacy III

A two-manual stop-tab console with up to 35 stops.  This instrument will support a small to medium room and up to 350 congregants.


We build our consoles by hand using hardwood and hardwood veneers.  There is never any press or chipboard used.  Our cabinetmakers have pipe organ backgrounds and the quality of our work shows this tradition of handcrafted workmanship.

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